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Winthrop Farm is a privately owned, professional dressage training and boarding facility dedicated to a positive training approach for horses and riders. In this friendly, professional atmosphere we focus and use traditional dressage training principles to develop correct, confident and yet relaxed horses and riders. We specialize in helping you achieve your goals and be successful at every level and with all breeds. We are passionate about horses. We are passionate about your horses care and happiness. We are located on the lovely North Shore of Massachusetts, just 35 min from Boston. 5 miles from route 95 and directly off route 133 in Rowley.

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The people

Anne Belka

Anne Belka


Anne Coan Belka is the owner and full time trainer/ instructor at Winthrop Farm. Anne has been riding her whole life, stating at age 5 riding and showing in pony club shows and by the age of 13 she was training and showing in dressage. Anne has had the opportunity to have worked with many top trainers including Lois Yukins, Shelly Francis, and Kathy Connelly. She has participated in USDF certified instructor/ trainer workshops and clinics and qualified for testing.
Anne enjoys working with all breeds of horses and levels of riders. She is patient with young horses and encourages them to be expressive and work to their fullest potential. She is also patient with her riders whether they are looking to move up the levels or overcome fear issues. She would love to talk to you about your training goals. Please contact her for more information.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team is made up of truly wonderful people who prioritize the care and health of our horses. Led by Steph Hudon, Anne's long time apprentice, the team works hard to be sure that your horse will be happy and healthy.


The health and welfare of our horses are our first priority and so we offer the following to our boarders:
  • Professional adult staff
  • Resident staff and night check
  • Bright,airy barn with large stalls
  • Horses enjoy all day supervized turnout. As well, most stalls have direct access to turnout from morning to evening 7 days a week, weather permitting.
  • Stalls cleaned daily and ample bedding provided.
  • Individual paddocks to reduce injury
  • Premium bedding, hay, and grain.
  • Hay fed 6-7 feedings a day.
  • Reasonable blanketing and changing for the weather.
  • Supplements given as provided.
  • Legs checked daily
  • Lessons and training provided, trainer on premises.
  • Other services can be arranged including assistance with vet & farrier appointments and on site laundry.
Please call for rates.


  • GGT footing in 200 x 80 airy, bright indoor arena maintained regularly
  • 200x100 outdoor dressage arena
  • Variety of stall options, based on availability
  • Grass and non grass paddocks
  • Hot and cold water washstall
  • Heated tack room
  • Observation room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

What Clients Say?

I have been a long time student of Anne Belka and find that each lesson I learn something new that allows me to ride with more sensitivity and confidence. I have been matched with the right horse at the right time to help me progress. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Kim Meyer Beverly, MA

The first thing I heard about Anne was “the horses come first.” And never were there truer words. Each lesson begins with a question on how the horse is – whether it’s your own or one of her horses that she uses in her school. She knows her horses’ favorite brushes and she’ll know every inch of your horse. Which isn’t to say that her care for the riders is any less. I rode with her as a student for two years before buying a horse and have been with her ever since (total of 11 years and counting). She’s been my biggest supporter and treats my mare like one of her own!

Jennifer Baxter Topsfield, MA

I thank my lucky star the day I found Winthrop Farm. The riding instructor is excellent, the horses are gems, the stable hands are extremely helpful and the facility is superb.
I have been riding at Winthrop Farm for almost 3 years. I only started riding in my mid forties then I took a break for ten plus years. So I’ve never been very good or very confident but with Anne, I know I’m making progress. Over the years, I’ve had many teachers but Anne is absolutely the best. She is so focused and exudes confidence to the rider and thusly, to the horse. It’s the most fun activity I do all week.


And the horses are great. There are a few that I am able to ride and although they are all different, they all have great dispositions and something to teach me. So I love the variety.
The horses are really well taken care of by Anne and her staff. I am so impressed with the kindness and respect shown to these beautiful animals. If I were a horse, I would want Winthrop Farm to be my home.


The facility is beautiful. I love the windows in the arena making for a sunny indoor arena. It also has mirrors to check your form. And, it has brand new footing this year too. The tack with viewing room is clean, comfortable and bright. Sometimes, often, there are homemade sweets baked by one of the riders. And last but not least, the other riders are very friendly and considerate.

Mary-Alice Tully Newburyport, MA


Our well schooled horses can help you improve your riding skills:

  • core strength
  • timing
  • sensitivity of your aids

This is perfect for those with young horses in training that want to develop their skills at the same time.

We will also work with you to create a program for you and your horse to achieve your long term goals. Please call for availability and scheduling.

Truck ins welcome. There is a nominal charge for truck in lessons.

Longe Lessons: Given the importance of an independent seat, longe lessons are used to build strength, confidence and effectiveness in riders at all experience levels.

In House Clinic:
See above for upcoming clinic or follow our Fabebook Page for up to date information or you can always call for pricing and availability.



Whether it be starting a young horse, preparing for competition, moving up to the next level, or correcting an existing problem, Anne Coan Belka is able to correctly assess your horse and with patience and quiet focus, work toward your goals as well as creating a harmonious, willing partner and a correctly trained horse.

Call for rates on custom training packages.

Truck ins welcome.

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